Capitol Machine Model 125

Model 125

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Series 4 Positive Displacement Blower

Series 4 Positive Displacement Blower

Honda GX 690

Honda GX 690

Sneak Peek of The Revolutionary  18" X 12" Air Lock With The Quick Change Seal System.

Sneak Peek of The Revolutionary 18″ X 12″ Air Lock With The Quick Change Seal System.


Capitol Machines Ultimate Insulation Removal Vacuum


Capitol Machine CV-14 4" Insulation Vacuum

Capitol Machine CV-14 4″ Insulation Vacuum

Insulation Machines are made, serviced, and sold by Capitol Machine, located in Montgomery Alabama. With over 35 years in the business, Capitol Machine is an industry leader in the development of insulation machines. Caption Machine’s equipment is sold worldwide and has an outstanding reputation among its clients.

Many insulation companies use the insulation machines and insulation removal vacuums in their daily business. The equipment is widely praised for its speed, dependability, ruggedness, affordability, ease to operation, and provides many years of reliable service.

Capitol Machine understand the needs and demands of the blown in insulation business and the insulation contractor as well. And will do everything possible to help you build your business. If you are not sure if the equipment is what your insulation business needs, please contact Capitol Machine to arrange a demonstration. Whether it’s open blow attic insulation, wall spray cellulose, BIBBS or dense packing, we do it all.

Blown insulation is quickly becoming the primary source of insulation used in new home construction. Many home owners are opting to have their old insulation removed (vacuumed from their homes) and replacing it with blown insulation. The energy savings are incredible and explains the rapid increase in popularity of blown insulation.

Capitol Machine offers a variety of insulation machines, insulation blowers, and insulation vacuums in a variety of sizes, output, and speed. Some of the insulation machines will fit in the back of a truck while others will need to be situated on a trailer or inside of a box truck. Contact Capitol Machine to inquire further about additional information or view our blowers and/or Removal Vacuums pages.

Our lineup of Insulation Machines | Insulation Blowers include:

Our lineup of Insulation Removal Vacuums include:

Capitol Machine is proud of their equipment and are certain that you will feel the same way once you begin using your Capitol Machine Insulation Machines, Insulation Blowers, and Insulation Vacuums. If you are not using Capitol Machine equipment you may be using inferior equipment.

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